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The Birdie Bar Digital is a measuring tool that can read up to one inch with a smooth and clear digital readout. It offers the option to measure in standard or millimeters, and it has a large and easy to read display.


Birdie Bar Features:

        -Aluminum Hard Coated Bar

        -Tapered contact tip

        -Large mounting fasteners for accuracy

        -Non-Flexing design

        -No bushing in bar

        -High-quality indicators

        -Several dial options using the same bar

        -Easy to use design


Birdie Bar Specs:

        -Length: 18" / 15" avail.

        -Width: 2"

        -Thickness: .50"

        -Weight: 2.15lbs

        -Display: analog

        -Range: 0"-1" (0mm-24mm)

        -Contact tip: tapered or flat

        -Locating pins: optional (removable)

Birdie Bar Digital

  • The Birdie Bar is a precision tool of the highest quality. It is important to handle it with care, storing it in its box when not in use, and being cautious when using it. In the event of an accident with your Birdie Bar, Myles can be contacted directly at 401-302-0541 for any technical issues. 

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