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Welcome to Hector'sShop: A Journey of Transition and Behind-the-Scenes Adventures

Introduction: Welcome to my blog! If you're reading this, you probably already know a bit about who we are and what we do. We are the proud hosts of GCSAA Inside the Shop and creators of our own YouTube Channel Hector'sShop. As I embark on this new adventure of blogging, I want to take a moment to hear from you, my readers, about what you would like to see from my blog. While I may not consider myself the greatest writer, I'm excited to use this platform as a journal, sharing the daily happenings and behind-the-scenes insights here at Hector'sShop. Join me on this journey as I transition from a Golf Course Equipment Manager of 25 years to pursuing my plan A.

  1. Reflecting on the Past: In my first blog post, I want to take a moment to reflect on my journey as a Golf Course Equipment Manager. I'll share some memorable experiences, challenges I faced, and lessons I learned throughout my 25-year career. This will provide readers with a glimpse into my background and the passion that drives me.

  2. Introducing Hector'sShop: Next, I'll delve into the heart of my blog by introducing Hector'sShop. I'll explain what we do, the purpose behind Hector's Shop, and our efforts to grow our YouTube Channel. This section will give readers an understanding of our current projects and the content they can expect to find on our platforms.

  3. Behind-the-Scenes Journal: One of the main focuses of this blog will be to provide behind-the-scenes glimpses into the daily workings of Hector'sShop. I'll share stories, anecdotes, and challenges we face as we navigate this new venture. From equipment maintenance and repairs to creative content production, readers will gain insight into the world behind the scenes.

  4. Engaging with the Community: Community engagement is important to me, so I'll dedicate a section to interacting with my readers. I'll encourage comments, questions, and suggestions for future blog topics. This will foster a sense of connection and allow me to tailor the content to meet the interests and needs of the audience.

  5. The Journey to Plan A: In closing, I'll discuss my transition from being a Golf Course Equipment Manager to pursuing my plan A. I'll share my aspirations, goals, and the excitement I feel about starting this new chapter. It will serve as a teaser for upcoming blog posts that will explore the challenges and triumphs of pursuing my passion.

Conclusion: Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey! As I embark on this new blogging adventure, I value your input and look forward to creating content that resonates with you. Stay tuned for future blog posts that delve into the daily happenings and provide deeper insights into the world of Hector's Shop. Let's make this journey together!

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Good luck and keep up with the good work. Thanks for the add


Good luck in your next adventure! You were the first golf EM that showed me there was more to the industry than just fixing equipment. Your trip to Canmore was eye opening, that other techs wanted to get more information and you were courageous enough to step up front and teach us what you knew. Your adventures to other courses and meeting other technicians are awesome. Keep doing what you do! 👍

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